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1Behind The Scenes In Jamaica
We flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica to photograph and produce the film for Carmela and Miken. Check out this video to see how we did.
2How We Photograph & Film Your Wedding
If you're curious to see our team in action and how it would be like working with us on the day of your wedding then take a look at this video as we take you step by step from the getting ready scene all the way to the dance party at night.
3Behind The Scenes In Mexico
We shot a wedding in Mexico and this video will show you a little behind the scenes from the photoshoot and final images.
4Top 10 Ottawa Wedding Photography & Film Locations
Find out what the top 10 locations are in Ottawa for your wedding photos and video!
5How To Get Natural Photos For Your Wedding
COMING SOON - In Post Production
6What Equipment Do You Use and Do You Have Backup Equipment?

We use a lot of different gear to the shot for your film and photography. I can tell you that “I use really cool and expensive gear,’ but let me know show you what’s in one of my camera bags.


Our wedding films are shot using Sony, Panasonic and Canon mirror-less or DSLR cameras. We shoot with either the Sony a7sii, Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon C100. We also have a Panasonic GH5.
I like shooting with these cameras because the image quality is beautiful and we can even get some great slow-motion shots of you. For photography I like to use my Canon 5D Mark III most of the time. We switch lenses for various shots throughout the day and I can show you some of those right now.


It’s really important for us to have a few solid go to lenses, because there are different situations that come up and we gotta have the right lens for each of those moments. I have different go to lenses when shooting video and when I’m taking photos. When I shoot video I primarily like to shoot with my 70 – 200 mm or my 24-70mm on my Sony. These lenses let me get a variety of shots that are close up to wider shots depending how far away I am from what I’m shooting. My 2nd go to lens for video is my 50mm 1.2. and I mostly use this lens when shooting at the reception and for the dance party scenes.

When I’m shooting photography I always go with my 35mm 1.4 and my 85mm 1.8 lens. The numbers 1.4 and 1.8 simply mean that I can shoot in low light situations and get some really nice artistic shots for you. So let’s say I’m shooting at the reception I can turn off the flash and get some cool low light shots. Here’s an example of a shot with and without flash.

Overall I want you to know that we have all the gear needed to get your shots in any lighting situation.

Microphones & Audio

We use a few different types of microphones during the day. We always get asked if we shoot audio during the wedding and if we record the vows during the ceremony. The answer is – “100% YES”. We actually record audio at all times. In the music video samples you see online we often take the audio out because sometimes the background noise is distracting with the song choice especially if it’s a fast paced song. But if we choose a more chill song then we mix in the background audio with the music. We can also add in speeches or parts of the ceremony in the videos. So if we choose slower or medium tempo songs for your music video then we could certainly add in more background audio.

Here are some of the microphones we use:

Rode Video Mic

This is a Rode video mic and we use these mics on top of the camera throughout the day so we get better audio than the built in microphones inside the cameras.

External Recorder

We use these microphones when we record at your ceremony and at the reception. You can see that this device has two microphones on top. We use these mics to record the room sound at the church and the reception. These mics work really well for recording any musical instruments like the violin, cello or the piano. If you hired musicians for your ceremony or cocktails and they’re playing while guests are coming in, we can record them playing so that we could potentially use that audio for the film. These microphones are on all the time during the ceremony it records the audio when you walk down the aisle, when you say your vows and all the way until people exit the church. It’s definitely running running throughout your entire ceremony so we don’t miss anything.

We also plug in a lavalier microphone into this system. And a lavalier is a very small microphone that I’m wearing right now while recording this video. During the ceremony we mic up the minister, priest or officiant (basically whoever does most of the talking gets miced up). That way when you watch your ceremony you’ll be able to hear everything very clearly – especially if your wedding is in a big church or outside. If you both prepared vows then we can ask the officiant to hold up their lavalier microphone towards you when you say them or we could mic up the groom with another lavalier. But you have to let us know if you have these vows so that we can mike up the groom as well.

At the reception this device is set up beside the DJ and we plug it in directly into the DJ system to get a clear audio feed for your speeches. We also point one of these microphones towards one of the DJ speakers as extra backup audio so that we can hear your speeches clearly, incase we have any interference from the microphones that people use for the speeches.  


We use a slider to get you smooth movement shots like these. It creates a simple cinematic movement that’s perfect for wide angle shots of your first dances or certain shots during the getting ready scenes.


We love using this gimbal for your wedding. It gives us the ability to get you really cool smooth movement shots all over the place from your getting ready scene all the way to the dance party. We can use it during the photo shoot to get shots of you walking and dancing. During the entrance we use it to follow the bridal party as they come into the hall and we also use it for your first dances.

I hope this gives you a clearer picture of some of equipment we use to get the best possible shots at your wedding. And as you can see we have a lot of it so we definitely have enough gear if something would go wrong with one camera.

If you have more questions check out all of our FAQ videos on our website or just give us a call and we can answer anything else for you.




1Who Chooses the Music For The Wedding Film?

Selecting the music for your Music Video, Highlights Film and main Wedding Film is extremely important and we can both choose the music depending on which package you get.

If you wanna leave the music selection to us then we’ll choose the right music that fits the scenes perfectly for both the Music Video and Highlights Film, and the songs we choose will make your film UNIQUE and STAND OUT from other videos.

99 percent of your friends and family will see your Music Video and Highlights Film and it’s important that we make your video memorable and unique. You’ll definitely wanna share your film with them and get a ton of likes and hearts. Just like these couples did:

The music that we choose for these videos has to be royalty free music which means it’s music that we pay a license for. We can’t use any popular songs that aren’t available on royalty free sites. We have about 5 different sites that we use that have thousands of great songs to choose from. A lot of the music on these sites comes from non top 40 artists and what I found by using these cool songs for the past few years is that it makes your video more unique.
I’m gonna keep saying that word a lot – UNIQUE.

So you’re not choosing the most generic pop songs that everyone hears on the radio in the summer. You’re gonna get songs that are cool, cinematic fun and you won’t get tired of the song in a couple of years.

And another big benefit of using these songs is that it enables you to upload your video on Facebook, instagram, Youtube; because otherwise the video can get deleted or the site will mute the audio and send you a copyright notice.

If you’d like to help choose the music for these videos then you can go through the royalty free sites and pick some options. You’ll find the link below this video. The more options you give us the better it is for us to select the best ones from your list because when we’re in the editing room we can match the perfect song to the footage we shot.

Now for your long Wedding Film you can actually choose any music for the Getting Ready, Ceremony, Cocktails, First Dances and Dance Party scenes because this film won’t be uploaded online and it’ll just be for your personal use at home. If you decide to choose the songs for your Wedding Film then go for it but you have to Send Us All Your Music BEFORE Your Wedding.
This is really important. 

You have to download and place all the songs into a folder on dropbox.com using the email info@cesoirfilms.com. I’d recommend downloading the songs from itunes or another program to have the best quality possible.

You can add 3 to 5 slow songs, 3 to 5 medium songs and 3 to 5 fast songs so we have some variety to choose from. Plus you need to add the music for your first dances. We’ll use these songs to edit the getting ready, cocktails, first dances and dance party scenes.

Remember: All Your Music Must Be Sent In Before Your Wedding Day. If Your Music Is Not Received Before Your Wedding Day Then We’ll Choose The Music For You.

It's important that you take the time to find UNIQUE music for your wedding film. Look at your playlists from 10 years back and you'll find some hidden gems that you forgot about that still hold meaning for you today. The songs you choose shouldn’t just reflect what you like now but the music you enjoyed back in the day. 

Keep this big note in mind regarding music. If you just choose the most popular songs of the year or summer then your video will get outdated. So try and find different songs to give your film a little more longevity.

Your big task it to find some cool songs for us to edit in your Main Wedding Film.

Art-list - http://www.art-list.io

Music Bed - https://www.musicbed.com

Music Vine - https://musicvine.net

Song Freedom - https://songfreedom.com

2How Long Is The Wedding Film?
COMING SOON - In Post Production
3Do We Get To Keep All The RAW Footage?
You can choose to buy the RAW footage for video for $250 after the wedding. We don't give you the RAW photos when shooting photography just the best edited photos in high resolution.
4How Long Does It Take To Get Our Film And Photos Back?
It takes 8-12 weeks to finish a film for you and to get your photos back.
5What's The Difference Between DVD, Blu-ray and HD-Digital?

The Three Options are: Number One: DVD, Number Two: Blu-Ray and Number Three: HD-Digital.

Option Number One is a DVD. A DVD is your basic format and will most likely work on your Grandma’s TV and for all your cousins overseas. However it’s the lowest quality format you can get. Technically speaking the resolution of a DVD is 720 x 480 and we shoot all your films in Full HD at 1920 x 1080. I don’t recommend you go with a DVD as your fist option because it won’t showcase your film in the best way possible. Especially when you watch it on a large HD or even 4K TV at home. It’s simply not the best picture quality.

Your Second option is a Blu-Ray disc. A blu-ray disc shows the film at 1920 x 1080 which is exactly what we shoot your films at.
This is actually what a Blu-ray looks like when we print the covers and burn the discs for you. You can see that it’s a really nice package and it looks great to have at home. We even make the menu for you and your film will fit onto two blu-ray discs.

If you were choosing between a DVD and Blu-ray then I’d go with a blu-ray because it will give you much sharper picture.

The third option is an HD Digital Copy, which I think is the best option for you. We give you a digital file that we place onto a hard drive that you provide us. This way you can easily hook up your portable USB 3.0 hard drive to the back of your flat screen TV and select the file you wanna watch. You just need to make sure that your TV has a USB connection on the back. You can also connect your computer through an HDMI cable to the back of your TV.

The biggest advantage to having the HD Digital Copy is that you can make as many blu-rays and DVD's from this MASTER file as you like. You would need to use a software program like i-movie and convert the HD-Digital version yourself which will take a little bit of time but this way you can have all three formats for your film.

I know that many times you wanna send copies to family overseas they can only play a DVD on their TV. By choosing the HD-Digital version you can make as many copies as you’d like for them. Keep in mind that if you want to make Blu-ray from the HD-Digital version you’ll need software that would convert this for you and then you would need a blu-ray burner as well.

We prepare one format for you at the end but If you think you’d want the HD-Digital Copy for yourself and a DVD version for family members but don’t want to do it yourself then we can always make both formats for you for an additional fee.

If you choose the HD Digital Copy you’ll need to provide a hard drive for us. Keep a minimum of 25 GB of free space so we can copy the files over for you.

I recommend the HD Copy since this allows you to make unlimited DVD's and Blu-rays in the future. Plus it’s the best archival quality and it can be copied many times and uploaded online for family members overseas as well. You can back it up on multiple computers and this way it’ll be kept safe.

Your films will look BEAUTIFUL in HD so I’d like you to watch them in the best quality possible.

I hope this clarifies the three options you have, so simply select the one that’s best for you.


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"Ohh. My. God. This is absolutely fantastic. I love love love this. Thank you guys so much. This is just amazing. "