Caroline + Joel – Le Belvedere Wedding

Catholic School Board
December 9, 2016
Elena + Johnny
December 9, 2016

Epic Le Belvedere Wedding in the Gatineau Hills

Watch this epic Le Belvedere wedding shot in the beauty of the Gatineau Hills. Caroline + Joel asked us to shoot their wedding and especially wanted a drone! You can see that adding a drone 100% made their video what it is. We asked them to toast by the cliff with all of their friends. We asked them to kiss as the drone flew high up in the air at sunset.

We’ve shot at Le Belvedere before but we never had a chance to bring our drone with us. They had a perfect day for the drone and since their ceremony and getting ready all took place at the venue it gave us plenty of time to get some great shots for them.

Another really nice place at this venue is the forest that you can enter. On a nice sunny day you can get the sunlight streaming in through the leaves which makes our shots look amazing!

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