BOXATHON – Justin Trudeau

Bar + Nick
March 4, 2017
Brittany + Paul
May 12, 2017



Boxathon is a heavy bag marathon & workout class.

Training is held at a local gym in your city.

There is absolutely no sparring or fighting at all.

Anyone can participate.

This is how it works and why we’re doing this.

You train in a group environment; getting warmed up with cardio and strength drills. Afterwards you get on the heavy bags.

Training on the heavy bags is really intense and gives you a great workout.

Heavy bag training is one of the best workouts in the world because throwing a punch requires an entire body commitment. Working the spine, core, upper body and lower body muscles.

At the actual boxathon event, the goal is to punch the heavy bag for 10 sec intervals as many times as possible

But Why Are We Doing All This?

Often in sports our goals can be purely personal weather it’s to win the game or get into physical shape. But by teaming up with boxathon we raise our goals higher and our efforts for the greater good of our community.

You can become a community hero and get in shape at the same time.

100% of the boxathon proceeds go to a local cause or charity.

You can choose the one you feel most passionate about on the website.

You can sign up on the website and find out when the next event is taking place near you.


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